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Coronavirus Advisory Notice

As a consequence of the Government Announcement, Noel Moore Lawncutting Services and Property Maintenance will be temporarily suspending work activities until Friday 5 March 2021.

This is because we wish to do our part in handling this pandemic and because your safety is of the utmost priority for us. However we remain available to take advance bookings for our services when restrictions are lifted. We will be working behind closed doors. You can contact us by telephone or email or facebook.

When we resume our services,

-We commit to maintaining physical distancing for two metres

-We commit ourselves to frequent hand sanitisation

-To wearing gloves and face-coverings which will be disposed of responsibly at the end of a task

-Sanitising of machinery, tools and anything else we come in contact with that may pose a COVID-19 risk

-Entering your property grounds in such a way that contact, accidental or otherwise, with others is minimized or removed if possible – eg use a gateway that is not used regularly by the residents

-Instructions will be provided to any workers who need guidance in all safety measures

-Each worker will be checked if not following proper protocol

Payments by cash will be discouraged and electronic transfer will be offered as the preferred method of receiving remuneration

We are all in this together and we hope that it won’t be long before we can provide our normal and efficient services to yourselves our valued customers.

Noel Moore